Aervoe All Purpose Marking Paint - Case of 12



Aervoe Marking Paint (12) 15 oz Fill, 20 oz Cans--Choose from Orange, Pink or White

Features: An economical marking paint that is packaged in a can that may only be operated in an upside down position. It is designed to provide a cost-effective marking wherever needed. Markings from regular paint colors will last up to 2 months. Fluorescent colors fade faster, depending on traffic and exposure.

Benefits: It meets standards set by OSHA and APWA/ ONE Call Systems. It is not affected by moisture or water and it will not wash away once dry. Can be used with the cap on in Aervoe applicators #244/245. The spraythrough cap eliminates accidental discharge. Each can is non-clogging and empties completely.

Uses: This product is designed to adhere to most surfaces - paved or unpaved. It can be used for marking at construction sites, locator and utility identification, and other general marking requirements. 

Application: Shake can well before use and for at least 1 to 2 minutes after agitator ball is heard. Remove tab from tamper-resistant cap. With proper alignment of the activator bar, this product can be used with the cap on in Aervoe applicators #244/245. Apply paint 3 to 4 inches from surfaces as a writing tool, and 5 to 8 inches in the applicator for a ¾-inch line, or continuous directional mark. Keep can in motion during use to prevent puddling. Agitate can periodically during application. Clear material from valve and tip after each use by turning can in an upright position and spraying for 3 seconds. For best results, use at temperatures between 50°F and 90°F (10°C and 32°C).


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