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LIQUIDOW™ 32% Calcium Chloride 250 Gal Tote

LIQUIDOW™ 32% Calcium Chloride 250 Gal Tote

Application: LIQUIDOW™ Calcium Chloride is a highly versatile solution used primarily in deicing, dust control and concrete acceleration applications. Other applications include tire weighting, brine refrigeration, wastewater treatment and chemical processing. LIQUIDOW™ is available in a range of concentrations to effectively meet specific application requirements. When used as a prewetting agent for granular deicers, 32% concentration LIQUIDOW™ reduces overall application rate, which is good for the environment. It also increases melting speed and improves cold weather performance, which helps make roads safe faster.

Description: LIQUIDOW™ is a purified inorganic salt solution produced by removing water from a naturally occurring brine solution. Unlike other processes used to produce calcium chloride, the brine process does not involve reactions with toxic chemicals such as hydrochloric acid or ammonia. The National Organic Standards Board noted this distinction when it classified the brine process as “non-synthetic.” LIQUIDOW™ meets or exceeds ASTM D98 and AASHTO M144 requirements for calcium chloride purity. ASTM classification for LIQUIDOW™ is Type L.

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