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Pure Asphalt Direct Fire Parking Lot Crack and Joint Sealant – Pallet

Pure Asphalt Direct Fire Parking Lot Crack and Joint Sealant – Pallet (36) 50# Boxes per Pallet

  • Low penetration
  • Heat Stabilized up to 410°
  • Self-Leveling
  • Rapid melting
  • Flexible to -20° F
  • Sets up quickly
  • Resists tracking
  • High softening point

Packaging: Pure asphalt Direct Fire Sealant is packaged in 2-25 lb. polybags in a 50-lb. high strength corrugated box. Each pallet contains 36 boxes weighing approximately 2,160 lbs. Stacked on a 40”x48” four-way pallet, wrapped with two layers of protected stretch wrap. Boxes are taped close without any staples.

Surface preparation: Proper surface preparation facilitates adequate adhesion for maximum life span of the sealant. For proper adhesion, the crack/joint must be free of moisture, dust, loose aggregate, and other contaminates. The substrate and air temperatures must be above 40° F. Sawing, routing, and sandblasting are the preferred methods of preparation. Use oil-free compressed air, and heat, to clean and dry the joint immediately prior to sealing. Best results are obtained when the cracks/joints are opened at least ½ inch wide.

Melting and Application: The melting kettle can be direct fire, or a conventional oil jacketed unit equipped with and agitator and temperature control devices for both the material and heat transfer oil. Carefully insert Pure Asphalt Direct Fire, and the plastic bag into the melting kettle while the agitator is off. Load the material slowly to avoid splash back. After the initial load, has reached the recommended pouring temperature, new material may be added to the kettle as sealant is used. Melt only the material that will be used that day. Purge material remaining in the kettle lines at the end of each sealing operation. The material may be safely reheated and can be applied using a pressure feed wand or a pour pot.


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