Right Pointe PLS B Crack Filler - 35# Box

Right Pointe PLS B Pallet of (60) 35# Boxes for Oil Jacketed Melters

Right Pointe PLS B is formulated with selected asphaltic resins, synthetic polymeric rubber, plasticizers, stabilizers, and a blend of organic, reinforcing fillers. This economical material is a hot applied, single component sealer that provides excellent results under extremely difficult conditions. RP PLS B is designed specifically for asphalt pavements experiencing a high degree of pedestrian foot traffic and the action of power steering twisting and turning.

Use an agitated, oil-jacketed unit that has separate temperature gauges for both the sealant and the heat transfer fluid. Take the plastic bag of sealant and load into the kettle one at a time. Melt only enough material for the day’s activities. Once melted, additional material can be added as needed. Material can be safely reheated within the sealants service life. NOTE: Prolonged heating of the sealant above the maximum safe heating temperature may cause it to gel in the kettle 

To facilitate proper adhesion, the joint or crack should be dry and clear of any dirt, dust, or other contaminates. Substrate and ambient temperatures must be 40 °F or above. Proper sizing of the joint will cause the maximum extension/compression to not exceed 50% of the width. Joints or random cracks of ¼” or less are difficult to properly clean prior to applying the sealant.

The service life when heated to application temperature is approximately 12 hours. Adding fresh material to the melter as sealant is being used will extend the service life. Product shall be agitated during installation. Any material that has exceeded the service life should be removed from the melter and discarded.



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