Skin Armor Barrier Foam

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Skin Armor Barrier Foam--17.5 oz Can

Skin Armor™ Barrier Foam provides a unique, invisible skin shield that features the moisturizing power of aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba, wheat germ extract and lanolin. Does not contain silicone. Shields skin from chemicals, dyes, dirt, oil, grease, solvents, paints, fiberglass fibers, resins, epoxies, alkalis, acids, inks, tar, shop grime and more. 


Excellent when working with small parts where gloves may be burdensome. Gives touch and feeling sensitivity not obtainable when using gloves. However, when used with gloves, Skin Armor allows skin to flex and breathe - helping reduce under-glove perspiration. Also shields skin from latex.

You get more than 350 applications per 17.5-ounce can. One application lasts up to four hours and shields against oil and water-based soils. Water alone will not remove.

Prove it to yourself! Apply Skin Armor™ to one half of the palm of one hand following package directions. Spray gear and chain lubricant or paint on the treated hand. Allow soil to dry (approximately 1 minute). Wash hand with just soap and water rubbing vigorously. If using gear and chain lubricant, the side of the hand treated with Skin Armor™ will wash nearly clean of all soil; while the untreated side will still be thoroughly coated with lubricant. If using spray paint, physically rubbing the Skin Armor™ treated side of the hand will cause the paint to rub or peel off; while on the untreated portion, the paint will remain firmly attached to the skin. Test results will vary with the type and coverage of soil and the amount of time that soil is allowed to dry.

Use this when you are Spraying Sealer to keep from getting Sealer Burn


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