4 Common Driveway Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

April 11, 2023

4 Common Driveway Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Driveway maintenance is an important part of owning a home, as your driveway will quickly break down without it. This can result in permanent damage, increased repairs, and possible repaving, which can cost a lot more money than proper upkeep. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid when performing driveway maintenance.

Leaving Spills

One big mistake a lot of people make is leaving spills or leaks on their driveway. Whether it’s from dripping oil or spilling something, stains can slowly affect the integrity of your driveway and reduce curb appeal. Clean up spills with water and towels to protect your driveway as soon as possible.

Ignoring Repairs

It might seem like one harmless crack, but any crack can quickly grow bigger as time passes. You should regularly check your pavement for damage and fix it with asphalt repair products. Otherwise, the cracks will grow bigger and become issues for your driveway.

Not Cleaning

Debris from nature and the pavement materials will slowly build up on your driveway. This debris can hide damage and cause more as it interacts with the pavement. That’s why you want to clean it up during your regular inspections. Ignoring debris is a big mistake you can easily avoid when performing driveway maintenance.

Not Sealcoating

One of the best ways to keep your driveway safe from wear and tear is to sealcoat. Sealer helps protect your pavement, but you need to reapply it every year or two. Otherwise, the coating won’t protect your pavement from regular wear.

Learning to avoid these mistakes will help you keep your driveway clean and in good condition, extending its life span and saving you money. This is why maintenance is so important for pavement and should be a part of your regular routine.

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