Note: When comparing rubberized crack filler, keep in mind that each manufacturer has a different sized box (30-60 lbs.). It's best to compare product pricing per pound, since box / pallet weights will not allow you to compare apples to apples. Brand Specifics--Deery (75) 30# boxes--2250# Pallet, Neyra (70) 30# boxes--2100#
NAC Supply carries premium commercial-grade direct fire crack filler that seals out moisture, which will otherwise damage the asphalt. Our collection of hot applied crack sealant can be used to repair cracks of any size. Starting out as a solid rubber block, it is then melted and applied to the cracks. The direct fire crack filler hardens deep inside the crack, sealing out moisture and preventing it from being able to penetrate the asphalt. Not only does our hot applied crack sealant prevent further cracks from developing, but it also provides a long-term repair solution, as well as a much more attractive appearance.