Asphalt Repair Guide

Broken or decrepit asphalt can leave your property looking old, run-down, and neglected, which may reflect poorly on your customers and guests. With asphalt that is properly maintained—helping it to not only look fantastic but also function to the best of its ability—your guests and customers will appreciate this. With asphalt being prone to forming cracks throughout the seasons with freezing and thawing taking place, you can almost guarantee that asphalt won’t be indestructible; likely, it will eventually form faults and separate. The longer you wait to get your asphalt repaired, the more costly the procedure may become. This is why, at NAC Supply, we stress that you don’t wait too long. Instead, fix your cracks as soon as they form.

If you need to repair your asphalt at a business, home, apartment complex, shopping center, parking lot, or another location, NAC Supply can keep you supplied with all the equipment, materials, tools, and advice. We’ll help you get the job done right the first time. Check out our entire asphalt repair guide to learn about the benefits of repairing your asphalt, why cracks start to form, the different types of repairs you can make, and more information about enhancing your pavement’s look with sealcoating and pavement line striping. If you have any specific questions, we’ll gladly answer them at NAC Supply. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Professionals in the asphalt sealing and repair business look to NAC Supply for quality products and equipment. Here, we offer tips and advice in our Asphalt Repair Guide. We’ll touch on everything you need to know or consider when approaching a new asphalt repair or sealcoating project.

Whether you repair cracks, sealcoat to support pavement life, or stripe a parking lot, you’ll find useful information and tips for success here with our Asphalt Repair Guide.

We’re here to be your one place to learn everything you need to know about asphalt repairs, sealcoating procedures, and pavement line striping techniques to help make your driveways, parking lots, and pavement look and work as well as possible. There are many different aspects of asphalt repair that we’ll cover within this Asphalt Repair Guide.

Table of Contents

Benefits of Asphalt Maintenance

When Should You Repair Your Asphalt?

How to Repair Asphalt Cracks

Patching vs. Resurfacing vs. Repaving

How to Seal Asphalt

Why Is Line Striping Important?

Equipment Needed for Line Striping

Essential Sealcoating Equipment

Benefits of Asphalt Maintenance

Whether you want to keep up the appearance of a driveway, parking lot, or roadway, you will most likely need maintenance to help keep your pavement looking great and working perfectly. Proper asphalt repair can make your property look great and also keep your space in great condition without large cracks or potholes.

Make a great first impression on customers and guests with a perfectly maintained asphalt driveway or parking lot with help from NAC Supply. Our asphalt repair guide will show you the best ways to repair your pavement!

When Should You Repair Your Asphalt?

Before your pavement’s cracks grow to an unfixable size, set aside time to get your asphalt repaired early to avoid unnecessary future problems and keep your property looking good. The best way to ensure your pavement stays crack-free is to repair any marks as soon as they show up.

Sometimes, cracks may seem to appear overnight—especially between seasons of freezing and thawing. We find the best way to keep your pavement from becoming too destroyed is by taking care of repairs as soon as they begin to show, saving you time, money, and extra work in the long run while keeping your property looking great.

How to Repair Asphalt Cracks

Methods matter in asphalt repair. Here, we discuss preparation, techniques, and maintenance to maximize the useful life of asphalt repairs. Even before you begin patching any cracks or holes, you must prep the surface of your asphalt. This may entail removing debris, drying the surface, determining the size and shape of the cracks, and deciding how you will go about fixing them.

Once prepared, we can begin fixing any cracks using a variety of materials, including cold or hot crack filler. We also understand that not every crack is the same; so, we can show you a variety of ways to patch different types of asphalt cracks. This is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about repair asphalt.

Patching vs. Resurfacing vs. Repaving

The extent of the damage in an asphalt drive, walkway, or parking lot may determine whether patching is enough or if resurfacing is necessary to bring your pavement back to working condition. Neglected asphalt can result in the need for a full repaving job, showing just why asphalt maintenance is important for saving time, energy, and money.

For asphalt that has minor cracking or a small number of potholes, patching will most likely be your go-to option. This method is cost effective and saves you time and effort that would otherwise be spent repairing an entire driveway or parking lot. When you have pavement with more extensive damage across the entire surface, resurfacing may be your best option here; you can spread sealcoating to help cover and fill any gaps or voids in the pavement. For the more extreme cases of neglected asphalt, your best option may be to start fresh and repave the entire space. Although this requires the most work, your pavement will look pristine when finished. Learn more about patching, resurfacing, and repaving today.

How to Seal Asphalt

Improper sealing is a recipe for extra work sooner than it should be necessary. Learn more about how to seal asphalt properly, so the seal properly protects the pavement for the expected time. Have your asphalt coated or sealed properly the first time, and you will not have to worry about doing any recurring work any time soon.

Here, you will learn about the length of time you should have between sealcoating your surfaces to provide the best protection, as well as what you should do to prepare your asphalt for sealcoating. A new coat can make a huge difference in your driveways and parking lots, covering any sprawling cracks and crevasses. It’ll also cover any blemishes and rough patches to make a smooth surface once again. We can help show you the ins and outs of sealcoating your pavement.

Why Is Line Striping Important?

Aside from making your parking lots and roadways look nice, line striping also serves another purpose. We’ll help show you how line striping can improve your property’s function and safety.

You may not realize it, but parking lot striping can often serve as a sort of traffic conductor, letting people know where it is safe to drive or move, where to stop to avoid accidents, areas to avoid, and where to park to keep a parking lot functional. Whether it be painting lines for parking spaces, road boundary lines, borders of a parking lot, or letting people know where to stop to avoid an accident or stay away from a fire lane, line striping is essential. NAC Supply can help show you why.

Equipment Needed for Line Striping

A lot goes into a perfect line striping job, from ensuring you’re using the proper paint and additives to tools, accessories, and more. We’ll show you everything you need for a successful line striping operation.

When choosing a paint for your line striping needs, make sure you find an option that can withstand time, weather, and other natural wear while still staying vibrant to direct drivers and pedestrians in the right direction. This can range from aerosol paints to waterborne paints that are both made to do the job. We can help show you the best equipment to use for these tasks, including line striping machines of all sizes and asphalt striping stencils to give yourself the best lines and designs. If you’re looking for a great selection of line striping tools and equipment, check out our entire selection of line striping products.

Essential Sealcoating Equipment

NAC Supply specializes in selling equipment that’s essential to sealcoating asphalt paving. Browse our collections for the tools you’ll need to exceed your clients’ expectations on every sealcoating job. Although this process may seem simple, you’ll have varying results with the work you put into the job. With the right selection of tools and equipment, you can really shift how your project will turn out in the end.

Depending on the type of pavement you’re working with, you have a selection of sealers to choose from, including coal tar sealers, environmentally friendly sealer options, and various types of sealer additives to fortify the tar. All these options can affect how long your sealcoat will last and hold up to natural forces like rain, snow, freezing, and thawing. Various tools and types of equipment can make your job easier, including squeegees, brushes, and sprayers to make an even coat. If you need any type of sealcoat, crack filler, additives, tools, or other pieces of equipment to take care of a job, browse our full selection of sealcoating equipment today.

After working with many clients to deliver high-quality products that, in turn, provide our customers with a high-quality finished asphalt repair project, we know your pavement repair job’s unique needs. In addition, we can even help make your projects easier with help from the right tools, equipment, materials, and more that you’ll need to make any asphalt job successful.

Finding Help You Can Trust

At NAC Supply, we know every business is important. Maybe you handle sealcoating for residential homes or commercial apartment building driveways, fill cracks in roadways and walkways, line stripe areas of a parking lot to help keep drivers safe and efficient, or repair asphalt in the way of pothole filling. No matter what, we’re here to be your number one provider for all the supplies and materials you could possibly need. With our years of experience providing customers with impeccable supplies, while also ensuring their own customers are completely satisfied with the finished work, we’re a company you can trust. With everything from products and equipment you need for an upcoming sealcoating or asphalt repair job to invaluable advice, NAC Supply is the asphalt sealcoating product and supply company for you.

Although, at first glance, small factors may not seem like a huge deal, NAC Supply knows just how much we can take simple things (like proper pavement) for granted. Having rough roadways and parking lots can make an area unreachable or damaging to our vehicles. We don’t underestimate the importance of clean pavement and asphalt within your daily lives—from helping you get around town to parking at shopping centers and businesses to keeping you safe. With our Asphalt Repair Guide, we can help along every step of the way, from showing you the repair process to choosing the right equipment for the job. With our highly experienced staff of sealcoating, asphalt repair, crack filling, and line striping experts at NAC Supply, we will find all the information you need to successfully finish an asphalt repair job. We can help you with every step of the process. Get in touch with us to learn more!