8 Quick Tips to Find a Good Sealcoater

November 13, 2017

8 Quick Tips to Find a Good Sealcoater

  1. Hire local contractors—they’ll be more concerned about upholding their reputation locally than a company from another area.
  2. Have contractor specify what type of sealer they’re using. If they don’t know if it’s coal tar, asphalt, or petroleum based (eco friendly Black Diamond), then they don’t know their business.
  3. Ask for a written quote. If they can’t provide a written quote, they’re not very professional.
  4. Only consider companies that respond quickly to your quote request. If they drag their feet when you’re trying to give them business, imagine how long you will wait if there is a problem.
  5. Don’t agree to pay before the job is complete. Good contractors have confidence that you will pay when you see the finished product.
  6. Make sure the temperature is above 50 degrees on the day of application.
  7. Ask what happens if it rains and washes the sealer off. Will they come back to redo the job at no additional cost?
  8. Don’t go with the cheapest price. Sealer is water based, so contractors can add more than the recommended water content—this helps them cut costs and gives you a substandard sealcoat job that won’t last.

Hiring a sealcoat company shouldn’t be a major project, follow the tips above and good contractors will set themselves apart from the rest. In Northern IL, call 877-767-4622 for a recommendation

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