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Does it Matter How Your Sealer is Made?

June 28, 2019

Does it Matter How Your Sealer is Made?

Many property owners and sealcoating contractors think that all sealer is made using the same process. There's a huge difference between the two types of manufacturing- Colloid Mill (GemSeal) and Batch (Sealmaster). Colloid mills are very expensive and not affordable for companies with the franchise model. Most sealer looks the same going down, but the longevity and color consistency really tells the story.

When sealer is made with a colloid mill, raw material is squeezed using pressure and sheared through the mill. The mill controls the pressure, temperature and flow; delivering a more homogeneous and stable material.

The batch system is similar to a cake mixer; blades spin around and mix parts of the mixture, while other parts rise above the blades. The simplicity of the system can leave you with an unstable, improperly mixed material.

Hiring a good contractor to do the job is important, but a successful project starts with the right material. The difference between the consistencies of the two products is like night and day. Ask your contractor how the sealer they use is manufactured- if they say the batch system, keep your fingers crossed that you get a good batch.

Batch vs Colloid Mill (Video)

For more technical information on the two processes click here. Call NAC Supply for more information 877-767-4622 or visit www.nacsupply.com.

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