Essential Sealcoating Equipment Everyone Needs

January 27, 2022

Essential Sealcoating Equipment Everyone Needs

Having the right equipment is essential for any job, especially when that job involves repairing damaged asphalt driveways or parking lots. As a business professional, you understand that no project can begin unless you and your employees are adequately prepared. Sealcoating, in essence, is a pretty straightforward job.

In laymen's terms, you're basically covering a surface with a high-quality sealer that gives asphalt greater longevity. However, this job quickly becomes complex if you use the wrong tools. For your convenience, here is the essential sealcoating equipment everyone needs.

Commercial Grade Sealer

Whether you’re tackling a driveway or parking lot, the goal is to seal asphalt to ensure longevity. Getting the most durability out of your sealcoating requires a commercial-grade sealer, as the standard buckets of sealer found at hardware stores are often less effective. Highly rated products are specifically formulated to protect high-traffic locations. The substance is excellent at repealing gas, oil, water, debris, salt, and UV rays.

Sealer Brushes and Squeegees

Projects with smaller surface areas, such as driveways, don't necessarily demand large equipment to spread sealers properly. Instead, a brush and squeegee will adequately get the job done. With a brush and squeegee, you simply pour the sealer into puddles on the sides of the driveway and spread them in a single pass from left to right or vice versa. These tools efficiently distribute the sealcoating substance across every tiny crack, much like a bristle brush does for spreading oil through hair.

Sealcoat Spray Units

For larger jobs, you'll want a high-quality sealcoat spray system. These devices use air compressors powered by gas motors to evenly dispense sealer across a surface. Using a spray wand enables you to accomplish your project at walking speed, which is extremely important for heftier jobs. Most spray units hook up to a sealcoat tank that holds hundreds of gallons of asphalt sealer. This allows for better efficiency and workflow.

With this list of the essential sealcoating equipment everyone needs, you can confidently tackle any seal coating job ahead of you. Consider NAC Supply’s high-quality selections of asphalt maintenance equipment for all your personal or business needs.

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