Lot Maintenance: Why Is Line Striping Important?

November 11, 2021

Lot Maintenance: Why Is Line Striping Important?

There’s a lot of maintenance you should perform when taking care of your parking lot. From repairing and treating the asphalt to managing the line striping, your lot needs proper care for the best results in lifespan and functionality. In this article, we’ll answer any questions about why line striping is important.

Visual Appeal

A parking lot is more than just a place that people park. It’s the first place potential customers see before they go into a business. That’s why keeping it as clean and new-looking as possible is important for a lot of businesses. Line striping is vital for upkeeping your lot’s looks and improving the face of your business.


Another reason why line striping is important is because it improves safety on the lot. Proper lines help keep everyone moving in the right direction and park in the correct places. When lines fade or disappear, your lot becomes a lot more dangerous for everyone.


Line striping helps you organize your parking lot and tells customers how they should park on it for optimal space usage. By planning out your line striping carefully, you can create an efficient parking lot that doesn’t waste space and gives everyone a place to park.

Handicapped Parking

Line striping also creates and marks handicap spots. There are legal requirements along with moral obligations for every business and parking lot to have handicapped parking available for guests. Line striping makes sure that everyone clearly knows about these spots.


Other than handicap parking, there isn’t a huge legal pressure for line striping. But good line striping helps reduce your liability for any accidents in your lot. If the lines in your lots are too faded and someone crashes because of it, they can bring legal claims against you. Proper upkeep on your lines will help prevent these situations and keep you less liable if they do occur.

These are the reasons why line striping is important for anyone in charge of a parking lot. Getting good line stripping is an investment and something you should do as regular maintenance. You can either hire a company that performs line striping or buy line striping equipment that’ll help you perform the maintenance yourself.

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