Mistakes to Avoid After Your Asphalt Driveway Is Installed

June 02, 2020

Mistakes to Avoid After Your Asphalt Driveway Is Installed

As with any part of your home, the driveway needs proper attention and care. After all, you drive and walk on it daily. Not to mention, its exposure to weather, animals, and other elements can weaken its quality. That’s where a fresh coat of asphalt is necessary. When it’s done, you might be eager to park your car on it. Still, it’s important to know some of the mistakes to avoid after your asphalt driveway is installed.

Ignoring Cracks

An obvious sign that your driveway is not ready for use is if it shows signs of cracking. A paved asphalt driveway is durable and long-lasting when properly set. However, when homeowners fail to let the asphalt set, it can crack. Fortunately, cracks are inexpensive and low-maintenance fixes. Inspect your driveway for any cracks and fill them in as soon as possible. Then, water won’t pool around your driveway, allowing you to use it as needed.

Not Supporting the Driveway

Another mistake to avoid after your asphalt driveway is installed is not supporting it. Like any other part of your home, your driveway demands your attention and care. Take the necessary steps to treat each side of it for protection against weather or other elements. Gravel or grass are both great support options to lay on either side of your driveway that can increase its curb appeal and prevent any further issues.

Frequent Oil or Gas Spills

Naturally, your vehicle must be in working condition, but even oil or gas spills can ruin freshly coated asphalt. Asphalt is an oil-based material, so any gasoline, oil, or other fluid spills can ruin this surface. Leaks from your car, lawnmower, or power tools will require a power wash and further cleaning. These fluids can also horribly stain the pavement and reduce your home’s property value.

Parking Too Soon

The final mistake to avoid is parking on it too soon. Fresh asphalt can take half a year to a full year to fully set or cure. Nonetheless, it takes two to three days to dry enough for you to walk or park on it. During this time, park on the curb if possible. Even after this allotted time, avoid having heavy vehicles on it to circumvent any indentation.

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