When to Repair Asphalt Roads and Parking Lots

September 15, 2021

When to Repair Asphalt Roads and Parking Lots

Asphalt is extremely useful for making the best streets and driveways, but it doesn’t last forever. Eventually, people need to come in and fix asphalt paving before it completely cracks and breaks. Luckily, knowing when to repair asphalt roads and parking lots isn’t that difficult if you follow this basic guide.

Parking Lots

Asphalt parking lots see lots of traffic every day and usually have no cover from intense weather. This means that they break down quickly. You should look to reseal your parking lot every two to three years to avoid any issues.


Personal driveways are on the opposite side of the scale, seeing little traffic and needing repairs much less frequently. A typical asphalt driveway only needs resealing every other year. However, you’ll likely need a whole new driveway every 15 years or so.


It’s hard to pinpoint how often you need to repair a street because every street sees a different amount of traffic. But plan for resurfacing or milling every 20 to 15 years. The exact time depends on how weathered it becomes and the traffic it experiences.


So far, all these points have only covered major repairs. Still, you must repair minor cracks or damages as soon as possible to prevent them from spreading. Some basic asphalt repair products should do the job if you catch the cracks and breakages fast enough. Run frequent inspections of any asphalt surface to find these problems so that you can fix them before they become huge issues. Additionally, run yearly inspections of your whole asphalt system, including the drains, at the very least.

Hopefully, this guide on when to repair asphalt roads and parking lots has taught you the proper care schedule you need to keep for your asphalt. However, this guide is only for general advice. You should seek the opinion of experts and asphalt repair companies for specifics, as they’ll know more about your particular road or lot.

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