Brush - Squeegee Box


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We've Redesigned our Brush Boxes with a Little More Room!

Save money by taking care of your sealcoat brushes and squeegees with an NAC Brush Tank. Our first design 20 years ago was for our own use (we couldn’t find what we wanted)—over the years, we’ve added contractor friendly features and believe we have the best Box on the market. 

40” long x 11” wide x 12” deep—designed to hold a 36” sealcoat brush squeegee

  • Constructed of sturdy 16 gauge steel
  • Holds 20-30 gallons
  • Heavy Duty Handle Holder with chain
  • Hinged Lid designed to prevent spillage
  • Inner top shelf to prevent splashing
  • Drain Outlet
  • Mounting Tabs
  • Handles on Lid for Easy Open/Close
  • Expanded Steel Platform