Deery PLS Crack Filler - 30# Boxes


Parking lot cracks aren't just unsightly; they can pose significant safety hazards to drivers and pedestrians. With a reliable crack filler like Deery PLS, you can improve the longevity, curb appeal, and safety of asphalt pavement.

NAC Supply has Deery PLS crack filler available in 30-pound boxes. This parking lot crack filler exhibits excellent flexibility in low temperatures and minimizes tack in high temperatures. Deery PLS is a moderately high viscosity crack sealant intended for parking lots, as well as highways and streets.

Features of Deery PLS crack filler include:

  • Fast Setting Contains no solvent and is pre-reacted.
  • Intended for high foot traffic area, highway, street, aviation and parking lot applications.
  • Use for the repair of random cracks in asphalt or concrete pavement surfaces.
  • Designed for oil-jacket kettles.


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