Deery Super Stretch - 1/2 Pallet


Deery Superstretch Crack Filler Half Pallet - (36) 30# Regular Boxes

DEERY Super Stretch is a fast curing, premium quality, hot applied single component crack & joint sealant. Our best all around sealant. Only the most appropriate high quality synthetic elastomers, polymers, and anti-oxidants meeting exacting standards are used in combination with select asphalt plasticizers and naturally occurring reinforcing materials. The sealant contains no solvent, is highly waterproof and resistant to a wide range of salts, bases, and organic materials. Super Stretch is tested for low temperature flexibility at -20°F (-29°C).


USE- DEERY Super Stretch is an excellent sealant for road, airport and parking area applications for sealing

longitudinal and traverse joints and random cracks in Asphalt or Concrete pavements where a fast curing sealant is

desirable. The material’s superior combination of fast melting, low viscosity and above average high and low

temperature properties result in a sealant preferred by many experienced applicators and end users alike. DEERY

Pro-PL is recommended for use in extreme high temperature conditions.


HEATING- Sealant shall be heated in a DEERY approved direct fire or hot-oil jacketed melter capable of constant

mechanical agitation and equipped with a calibrated thermometer to monitor sealant temperature. Material shall be

heated to and maintained at the Recommended Application Temperature during use. Material can be cooled and

then reheated, but only if prolonged heating is avoided. Prolonged heating at or above Recommended Application

Temperature may severely damage product. If overheating damage occurs, immediately drain machine completely

and refill with new material.

APPLICATION- DEERY Super Stretch is pre-reacted and can be applied immediately after heating to

Recommended Application Temperature. With pavement temperature at 40°F (4°C) or higher, place material into

clean, dry crack or prepared reservoir by means of a hand-held pot, wheeled push bander or wand applicator.

Squeegee any excess sealant tight to pavement surface. Excessive over-banding should be avoided. Pavement may

be warmed to 40°F (4°C) or higher with a hot air lance.

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