DuraWheel DW-9 Measuring Wheel


Distance-Measuring Wheel

Our distance-measuring wheels are a must-have for accurate distance measurement and surveying. Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, these measuring wheels promise long-lasting performance. Plus, they feature comfortable grip handles for effortless operation over long durations.

Equipped with convenient features like foldable handles and digital displays, they're ideal for various applications, such as construction projects, landscaping work, and managing sports fields. Rely on our distance-measuring wheels for precise and dependable measurements every time.

The DuraWheel DW-9 is a 9″ diameter professional grade measuring wheel with a folding handle making it easy to stow and carry. It has a sturdy frame and an ergonomic pistol grip. The DW-9 measures in Ft/10ths.

  • 9" Diameter Wheel
  • Measures to 9999.9 feet
  • Balanced In-line Design
  • Push Button Reset on Counter
  • Belt Driven Long-Lift Counter
  • Sealed Roller Bearings
  • Pistol Grip Handle
  • Folds for Easy Carrying

Specs: Diameter - 9", Folded Length - 19", Extended Length - 37", Weight - 1.7 lb.

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