Graco Bluemax II Airless Hose 50’x3/8”


Graco BlueMax II Airless Hose 50’x3/8”

3300 PSI, 3/8” female swivel at both ends. Graco item # 240797

If you need an effective spray hose for painting stripes and other markings on asphalt, try the Graco Bluemax II. This Graco product is a high-production hose built for superior performance, flexibility, and durability.

The Graco Bluemax II is lighter than most other sprayer hoses, making it much easier to maneuver. Other features include corrosion-resistant springs for extended life and reduced coil memory for better spray performance. When you use this airless sprayer hose for pavement repair and maintenance, you can expect the best results every time.

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