Graco Pump Repair Kit 244194, 18B260


GRACO 244194, 18B260 Pump Repair Kit

This 244194 / 18B290 Graco Pump Repair Kit is specially designed for use with the 2wcv2, 2wcv3, 2wcv4, 2wcv5 and 2wcv6 models. It is made from high-quality materials. This Graco repair kit is for fluid handling equipment.

For Graco Endurance ProConnect and QuickChange Pumps used on FinishPro 390/395, 390, Ultra 395/495/595, Ultra Max II 490/495/595, Ultra Max 695, ST PRO, STX, 295st, Ultimate NOVA 395, Ultimate SuperNOVA 495, Ultimate MX 695, Nova 390, GMax 3400, LineLazer 3400

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