Hand-Held Squeegee - 3" Tapered Round Edge Blade


Handheld Squeegee with a Rounded Blade Edge

8" x 3".  This Midwest Rake Company exclusive is built for years of use...you can go back again and again to the hardware store or home center to buy window squeegees or you can just change the 8" blade in this quality built, hand-held squeegee used to fill depressions and cracks in a floor prior to the application of any protective coating product.  You can use it to spread any material, including slurries and highly viscous and cementitious mixes.  It comes with either a 3", flexible rounded edge neoprene blade.  The blade is clamped in a durable 11" long x 8" wide aluminum frame, not bolted through, making it easy to replace.  The handle is a 6" non-slip vinyl grip over an aluminum core.

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