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InfernalMelt - Standard Anti-icing / De-icing 250 Gal Tote

InfernalMelt - Standard Anti-icing / De-icing 250 Gal Tote

Our standard product is an inexpensive clear liquid ice melter blended with 4 Chloride ingredients. It can be used for de-icing, anti-icing & pre-wetting of rock salt. As a de-icer InfernalMelt dissolves snowpack & ice faster than dry materials. When used for pre-wetting it reduces bounce and scatter of the rock salt. When used for anti-icing it helps prevent the bond between snow & ice and the pavement. InfernalMelt has been referred to as liquid fire! It has a low freeze point of -36°F.

  • Ready to go products that don’t have to be mixed
  • All InfernalMelt products have corrosion inhibitors added
  • Super--hot melting power w/ sub-zero freezing points
Free shipping to the Continental United States. Residential or Lift-Gate service will incur an additional $150 fee

InfernalMelt MSDS

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