InfernalMelt CI Anti-icing / De-icing Liquid Salt 250 Gal Tote


InfernalMelt CI - Anti-icing / De-icing 250 Gal Tote

Our InfernalMelt CI is a corrosion inhibited clear liquid ice melter blended with 4 Chloride ingredients (Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium) + corrosion inhibiter. It can be used for de-icing, anti-icing & pre-wetting of rock salt. As a de-icer InfernalMelt dissolves snowpack & ice faster than dry materials. When used for pre-wetting it reduces bounce and scatter of the rock salt. When used for anti-icing it helps prevent the bond between snow & ice and the pavement. InfernalMelt has been referred to as liquid fire! It has a low freeze point of -36°F.
  • Ready to go products that don’t have to be mixed
  • All InfernalMelt products have corrosion inhibitors added
  • Super--hot melting power w/ sub-zero freezing points
Anti-icing – Application rate for anti-icing is .5 - .75 gallons per 1000 square feet (20-30 gallons per lane mile). For frost prevention use half that. Use solid stream nozzles for roads and fan spray nozzles for parking lots, since there is less spreading action due to vehicle tires. Apply before an event or once the event begins.
  • Prevents bonding of snow and ice to pavement which speeds up removal operations - saves $.
  • Prevents "black ice."
  • Best choice for premium service to customers to reduce slip-and-fall accident
De-icing – Application rate is 1 gallon per 1000 square feet (40 gallons per lane mile). Rate can be adjusted based on accumulation. Use solid stream nozzles set at higher pressure to increase penetration down to the pavement in order to undermine snow and ice.
  • InfernalMelt begins melting ice & snow immediately upon application.
  • InfernalMelt melts through up to 4" of dry packed snow down to the pavement (when using straight stream nozzles) where it will spread and break the bond between ice and snow allowing plows to remove it easily saving time and money.
Pre-wetting — Application rate is 5 -12 gallons per ton of rock salt at the auger / spinner or onto loader bucket when loading truck.
  • 10% - 15% reduction in salt use due to reduced "bounce & scatter" of salt on the side of the road.
  • Melting begins immediately - no waiting for salt to make its own brine.

ExcavatorsHauling loads in freezing temps? Keep loads from sticking to your truck bed with InfernalMelt!

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InfernalMelt Product Information Sheet

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