Molasses Valve Long Handle


1-1/2" or 2" Long Handle Molasses Valve
  • Excellent for dispensing heavy oils, light grease, HOT RUBBER from a Melter, Sealer from a 55 gallon drum and other non-flammable viscous fluids.
  • Machined and lapped brass faceplate for smooth operation and perfect seal.
  • 45-60 degree discharge for optimum flow control.
  • Extra long 4" iron handle to provide greater leverage for easier and safer dispensing.
  • Brass faceplate designed for oval discharge to ensure no splashing.
  • Durable cast iron body.
  • Painted black enamel finish.
  • Pad-lockable.
**1-1/2" is the replacement valve for Gingway crack melters.

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