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Electric Motor Driven Hose Reel - Capacity 3/4" x 100'

Reelcraft's Series 30000 reels are designed for rugged, heavy duty applications requiring long lengths of hose and large storage capacity. All-bolted unitized construction with no welds to fatigue, full flow swivel and heavy gauge steel frame, spool and drum ensure longest service life. Series 30000’s vibration-proof, self-locking fasteners are ideal for industrial or field use such as turf care or pest control. Caution: To prevent drum damage, fully extend and pressurize hose, then wind on the reel. The 30000 series should always be wound under pressure.


•  Adjustable spool rotation drag that eliminates hose backlash

•  Nickel-plated swivel with four O-rings 

•  Full flow shaft and ball bearing swivel (excludes 1/2" models)

•  Permanently lubricated dual main bearings

•  Motor mounting at either end of reel

•  All bolted construction - no welds

•  Optional lock pin to prevent spool rotation when the reel is not in use S600874

•  Temperature operating range from -20°° F (-29° C) to +250° F (121°C)

•  Vibration-proof self-locking fasteners to ensure assembly integrity


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