RynoWorx RY10MA ELITE Crack Fill Melter Applicator


RynoWorx RY10MA ELITE Crack Fill Melter Applicator

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The RY10MA-ELITE Professional Crack Fill Melter is one of the most advanced applicators designed yet. It uses the patented features from our previous models using up to 50% less fuel than traditional melter applicators with our direct fired style technology but also introduces tons of new features including RynoValve, RynoDash & more. The new machine is also ergonomically advanced to reduce user fatigue and give all control on the operator side so make it our most efficient machine designed yet.


  • Melts crack sealant up to 50% faster than torch-fired models and allows you to apply up to 4,800 feet of crack filler per day.
  • RynoValve requires virtually no preheating time and is ready to use as soon as you have hot sealant in the kettle, saving you time between jobs.
  • RynoDash allows you to easily ignite and monitor kettle temperatures from the comfort and convenience of the operator position.
  • Side-by-side agitation, valve & band controls allow for continuous material agitation while you apply sealant
  • Handlebars are adjustable from 35” to 42” – optimize valve squeeze distance and spring tension to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Exciting features including enclosed shielded burner protecting from wind and flame-outs, two solid front casters allowing the operator to maneuver over slanted surface and more, allowing efficiency and safety of operation.

**Free shipping to Continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Canada

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