Spray Wand / Hose Combo 1/2"



NAC Spray Wand / Hose Combo—1/2”
Why drag around a heavy 3/4” hose and spray wand without any additional benefit?

We’ve slimmed down our Spray Wand & Hose Combo to help you expend less energy, save money and fit more hose on your reel. We use the same hose, pipe, valve and fittings as our 3/4" hose and spray wand—we’ve just downsized it to a lean mean 1/2". Stop wrestling with your 3/4" hose and wand, it doesn’t make sense to handle all of that extra material weight. You’re not able to seal any faster; it’s still coming out of the same small spray tip.

Comes complete with ½” 300 PSI Reinforced Hose, Hydraulic Pressure Fittings, Lightweight ½” Aluminum Wand, ½” Brass Ball Valve & ¼” x 80/40 Spray Tip.

Available in 5’ or 6’ Spray Wand with 50’, 75’ or 100’ Hose

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