SunShield - Solar Reflective Coating – 55 Gal Drum



SunShield - Gray Solar Reflective Coating – 55 Gallon Drum

The sun’s heat limits material performance and shortens the life cycle of asphalt pavement. Heat accelerates chemical reactions, including those responsible for the degradation of physical and chemical properties. Asphalt pavement is black, and the surface absorbs most of the sunlight. The solution is to reflect the sunlight with a heat-absorbing coating from SunShield.

SunShield Solar Reflective Coating reflects the sun’s heat away from the pavement, rather than absorbing it, reducing solar-induced heat build-up – and the destructive events associated with it. SunShield provides reflective, long-lasting protection with non-fading color and uniform texture to all asphalt pavements, including parking lots, paths, and walkways.

  • LEED Green Building Compliant: SunShield is formulated to meet LEED “High Albedo Coatings” solar reflectance requirements.
  • High Performance: Premium polymers and virgin aggregate create a tough and flexible coating. SunShield lasts up to five times longer than conventional emulsion pavement sealers.
  • Sustainable: SunShield keeps the pavement cooler, prolonging its life.
  • Non-Fading: Pure inorganic reflective pigments provide rich, long-lasting color for years of service.

SunShield coverage will range from 70-100 square feet per gallon. Coverage rate depends on texture and condition of asphalt. This sealer is ready to use and should not be diluted more than 5%.

Free Shipping Only Applies to Shipments in the Continental United States. Residential Deliveries needing a lift-gate and deliveries to remote areas will incur extra charges.

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