Different Types of Equipment To Repair a Parking Lot

October 11, 2022

Different Types of Equipment To Repair a Parking Lot

There are three main types of asphalt repair processes: crack filling, sealcoating, and striping. Because of these three essential processes, an asphalt maintenance company requires specific tools to get the job done. Here are the different types of equipment to repair a parking lot.

Crack Filling Equipment

Crack filling is a process conducted on “non-working” cracks or cracks that aren’t contracting or expanding. Of all the asphalt repair methods, this is a speedy and highly affordable solution for minor crack management. There are a few types of crack filling machines, including direct fire, oil jacketed, and cold pour crack fillers.

Additionally, you need a crack fill melter and melter applicator to prepare your filling agent. Squeegees are also a handy tool for crack filling as they help manage the filling agent and push sealant into cracks (making it also useful for sealcoating).

Striping Equipment

Line striping, quite simply, is the process of creating stripes on the surface of the asphalt, specifically for parking lots. The importance of accurate, visible, and quality striping cannot be understated. These ground markings help control the flow of traffic and help reduce car and pedestrian accidents. The main equipment used for line striping is a line striper machine.

Certain models of line striping machines have specific functions. Some are better suited for grass and turf applications, while others are better for street or parking lot markings. Another important tool used for line striping is a stencil, which helps stripers make more accurate and consistent markings.

Sealcoating Equipment

Sealcoating is a process that helps boost the durability and longevity of your asphalt surface. During this repair method, a hyper-protective layer is applied over asphalt, preventing oxidation and damage due to the elements.

It also helps reduce stains from liquid spills, boosting the overall appearance of a driveway or parking lot. To successfully complete a sealcoating project, you need a spray system. We carry portable, tote, and tank models. You also need squeegees and brushes to accurately distribute your sealcoating.

There are different types of equipment used to properly repair a parking lot. We at NAC Supply are your one-stop shop for filling and asphalt sealcoating products. Check out our wide selection of equipment to ensure better results and success for your business.

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