Equipment Needed To Maintain an Asphalt Parking Lot

January 11, 2022

Equipment Needed To Maintain an Asphalt Parking Lot

Every asphalt maintenance company understands the importance of quality tools and equipment. Without the right gear, taking care of a parking lot becomes nearly impossible. In fact, a few specific items are most effective for keeping asphalt in tip-top shape. Check out this list of the equipment needed to maintain an asphalt parking lot.

Cones, Tape, and Signs

Before the prep work begins, you must ensure total order and a clear space. Nothing stops an individual from parking their vehicle in the middle of your work zone without the proper warning items. Use big, highly visible cones and or barricades to create a blockade from people and cars. Use tape for areas of high-foot traffic. Lastly, place signs near the out-of-order parking lot to alert individuals that they are approaching a jobsite.

Cleaning Tools

There’s more prep required at a jobsite before you can begin repairs, and it mainly involves cleaning. You don’t want to crack fill and sealcoat a dirty surface, as that will prevent materials from adhering to the asphalt surface. For smaller operations, a wire broom is usually enough to clear plant materials and dirt. However, large parking lots demand better equipment, specifically gas-powered blowers and edgers. As for clearing up fuel and oil stains, opt for oil spot primer of high quality.

Crack Filling Machines

An important part of any parking lot maintenance project is filling the cracks. Ice and heavy traffic damage asphalt over time and leave parking lots crumbled and unusable. This is where crack fill machines come into play—these machines are wheeled units and fill in cracks as you walk over them. They’re potentially the most critical tool for any maintenance company, and NAC Supply proudly offers the highest quality asphalt crack filler machines that are sure to make any project far more efficient.

Sealcoating Tools

A parking lot requires sealcoating every two years, or more frequently if there’s a high amount of traffic in the area. These tools come in all different shapes and sizes. A standard squeegee, fiber power brush, or edging brush is best for application by hand. If you decide to spray, you will need a spray unit with a hose and spray wand with the proper spray tips.

The equipment needed to maintain an asphalt parking lot ultimately makes your life easier. NAC Supply is here to help your business's needs by offering the best inventory of quality asphalt equipment.

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