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Hot Weather Sealcoating Tips

November 13, 2018

Hot Weather Sealcoating Tips

When the temperature gets into the 90's, certain precautions have to be taken to ensure proper sealer application. Asphalt temperature can reach 150° in hot weather and as soon as the sealer hits it, water in the sealer will quickly evaporate. When curing conditions are compromised, sealer may remain tacky and could cause tracking.

To avoid curing problems in hot weather, you need to either fog the asphalt or add water to your material. To fog, spray a mist of water on the asphalt surface (no puddles), this will cool down the asphalt and allow for proper curing. If you decide to add water to the mix design, make sure you don't add more than 5%. Fogging is the best option, but the addition of water will also work.

Sealcoating Manufacturers base their mix design on average temperatures, but extreme conditions call for adjustments to be made by the Applicator. The ability to make adjustments on a daily basis is necessary throughout the sealcoating season.

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