How to Care for Asphalt After Sealcoating

June 09, 2021

How to Care for Asphalt After Sealcoating

There's no better way to maintain the appearance and longevity of your asphalt than to sealcoat it. Sealcoating fills surface damage and protects asphalt against extreme temperatures, rain and snow, oxidation, oil and chemical spills — you name it. It also gives the pavement a neat, glossy appearance, significantly boosting the curb appeal of your driveway or parking lot. After sealcoating, there are several guidelines you need to follow to ensure your asphalt surface retains its new appearance and protective qualities. Here's how to care for asphalt after sealcoating.

Let the Pavement Rest

The sealer will become dry to the touch only a few hours after application. However, just because it feels dry doesn't mean that it's ready to be walked or driven on. You should always wait for the sealer to fully dry and cure before allowing people and vehicles onto the asphalt.

The sealer will dry and cure within a span of 24-48 hours. The exact length of time this process takes depends on the temperature outside. Warm weather will speed it up, but colder weather will slow it down.

Keep It Clean

The next tip on how to care for asphalt after sealcoating is to be vigilant about cleaning. Things such as debris and stains can damage both the sealer and the asphalt underneath. You can remove debris by sweeping it away with a broom or spraying the surface down with a pressure washer on the lowest setting.

You should clean up puddles of fuel, oil, transmission, or antifreeze on the pavement immediately. Here’s how to get rid of them:

  • Absorb as much of the spill as possible using non-clump cat litter, sawdust, or gravel
  • Spray the area with a hose
  • Apply a cleaner—soap, diluted vinegar, and dishwashing liquid work in a pinch
  • Scrub the stain with a stiff-bristled brush until it disappears

Get Ready for Winter

Winter can be harsh on sealed asphalt. The sealer is particularly susceptible to rock salt and other harsh de-icing products. These are the products that most home or business owners use to remove snow or ice from asphalt. They work wonders when it comes to banishing snow and ice, but they can also break down the sealer and leave the underlying asphalt vulnerable.

If you live in an area where winter means chilly temperatures and snow, preparing now can save you a whole lot of headaches later. Take the time to find and stock up on de-icing products that won't compromise the integrity of the sealer. Sand, calcium chloride, and ice melt mixes are excellent alternatives that will keep your seal coat intact during this unforgiving season.

NAC Supply has everything you need to maintain asphalt surfaces. If you're planning to sealcoat your parking lot or driveway, come check out our selection of asphalt sealcoating equipment today!

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