How To Prepare for Your Asphalt Sealing Job

July 06, 2022

How To Prepare for Your Asphalt Sealing Job

Sealcoating asphalt surfaces is a surprisingly simple process that requires the right equipment and materials. However, planning ahead of time to ensure the best results does take a bit more effort. Here are some tips for how to prepare for your asphalt sealing job

Plan Around Weather

One aspect many businesses don’t consider when prepping for an asphalt sealing job is the impact of the elements. The optimal conditions for this type of project are warm temperatures and no moisture.

Any day above 50 degrees is suitable for working. Research upcoming forecasts to find the best time and dates before starting your asphalt preparations—this ensures you can get in and out quickly. Have a backup plan in case the weather changes last minute.

Stock Up on Equipment and Materials

Once you have your dates set in stone, it’s time to stock up on all the necessary equipment and materials. As an asphalt maintenance business, chances are you already have these items. However, it’s always recommended that you double-check your gear.

Cleaning materials you should have include brushes, squeegees, patchers, and, in some instances, a pressure washer. As for machinery, ensure you have a quality sealcoating spray system and tank. Lastly, purchase your sealant. Here at NAC Supply, we carry commercial-grade sealant in bulk quantities that are optimal for parking lots and driveways.

Prep Your Surface

Now that you have all the required equipment and materials, you are almost ready to start sealing. But first, you must prep your asphalt for the project. This means cleaning the driveway and removing any debris and impurities.

Don’t wash away the items, as you must ensure a dry surface to expedite the sealing project. Instead, you should use brushes, blowers and prime for oil spots. Furthermore, clean out larger cracks before filling and sealing, as this provides better sealcoating overall.

Properly preparing for your asphalt sealing job requires comprehensive planning and possession of all the right tools and materials. By planning ahead and understanding your project more comprehensively, you can ensure a better job that lasts a long time, in turn boosting your customers’ satisfaction. For additional help, check out our selection of sealcoating equipment for sale here at NAC Supply.

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