If You're Happy With Your Sealcoater - Stick With Them

May 21, 2014

If You're Happy With Your Sealcoater - Stick With Them

If you don’t have a regular sealcoater, by all means go out and get some bids, compare prices and see who you’re most comfortable with. But if you’ve used a sealcoater in the past and were happy with their services, why wouldn’t you hire them again?

Too many people are focused on the price—they don’t take into account the variables that can affect price. The biggest is the product they use, coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers are water based and contractors can save themselves a lot of money by diluting the material. Over-diluted material won’t last. If you’re getting bids that are coming in for less than it would cost to do the job yourself, there’s a problem. It should always cost more to have a professional sealcoat your driveway than it would if you did it yourself. Isn’t it worth a little extra to know the job is being done the right way by someone you trust? We give 20% tips at restaurants, even when the service isn’t great—it makes more sense to pay 20% more to the sealcoater that has given you proven results in the past, than to try to save a few bucks on someone new. It’s tough for contractors these days; everyone’s looking for the cheapest price. They can offer great customer service and a great product and lose a longtime customer because their bid was $10 higher.

Resist the urge to save a few dollars and reward good contractors by becoming a repeat customer.

If you have questions about what to expect from a sealcoater, feel free to call us at 877-767-4622 or email danbrowne@nacsupply.com

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