Landscapers: Diversify & Grow Your Profits with Sealcoating

January 16, 2019

Landscapers: Diversify & Grow Your Profits with Sealcoating

Most of your landscape customers hire someone to sealcoat their properties. You’ve already earned their trust, it’s time to diversify and capture more of their business. Obtaining new customers is difficult, doing more business with existing customers is easier and will cost you less. By offering a service they need, you’re providing value of convenience and peace of mind that they’re dealing with a trusted contractor.

Easy Startup

It’s a natural transition for landscapers to enter the sealcoating industry. The crews are interchangeable, you already have trucks, trailers, miscellaneous equipment and existing customers that can use your services. You can market your landscape and sealcoating services with dual purpose ads or flyers, bringing in new customers from both industries.

Low Risk

Getting started in sealcoating requires a tank, basic tools and a sealcoat supplier. Poly Tote Spray Systems are very popular for new sealcoaters and can be purchased for under $1,500. The cost of entry into the sealcoating trade is low—offering a great opportunity to grow your business with very little risk.

Building Block

It doesn’t have to end with the sealcoating. You can offer hot rubberized crack filling by purchasing an MA-10 Melter Applicator, or you can add line striping with the purchase of a low-cost line striping machine like the Titan 850. This equipment can also be rented daily from select pavement maintenance supply distributors.  

Pursuing new revenue streams can be risky but branching out into complimentary industries with operational overlap is a solid investment in the future of your company. Landscaping and sealcoating go hand in hand, add sealcoating and grow your profits!

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