Lot Maintenance: Equipment Needed for Line Striping

February 21, 2022

Lot Maintenance: Equipment Needed for Line Striping

When you run an asphalt contractor business, it's essential to understand the ins and outs of various repair and upkeep techniques. Every well-maintained parking lot features three things: excellent asphalt conditions, optimal traffic flow, and crisp lines.

Visible dividers within a lot keep traffic low and provide pedestrians with a safe environment. Plus, these dividers limit the chances of accidents. Check out our guide on lot maintenance and the equipment needed for line striping.

Cleaning Tools

Before you begin striping, it's essential that you ensure a clean surface. Parking lots are often covered in leaves, debris, branches, oil spills, and trash. The best way to produce bright, long-lasting stripes is by removing these objects using various standard cleaning tools.

A power washer is great for removing liquids and mud, which is crucial because these substances affect how receptive asphalt is to fresh paint. Whether you use a backpack or walk-behind blower, these devices will help clear leaves and other materials from the lot. For smaller items, like dirt and sand, simply use a broom.

Traffic Control Markers

Parking lots see a tremendous amount of foot and car traffic, so it's essential to keep that traffic away from your project area. Before you begin the repairs, make sure to mark off where your maintenance is occurring by using barricades, flagging tape and cones.

Place a marker at the lot's entrances to alert cars and pedestrians. If you're working at night, bring along tower lights that keep you visible and help aid night-time construction. Ensure all contractors are wearing bright PPE with reflective materials; this helps protect them from distracted drivers.

Sealcoating Supplies and Equipment

Your business needs quality sealcoating supplies and equipment to ensure the asphalt's longevity and the clarity of the line striping. Sealcoating does several beneficial things, including preventing fractures and impurities.

It also offers a newer-looking surface to apply paint to, which will definitely increase your company's image. Stock up on commercial grade sealants and capable coating machines, and wait until the sealer has dried before striping.

Striping Equipment

Line stripers are also an essential part of any sealcoating project due to their accuracy and efficiency. They make line striping much faster and easier, providing the most accurate results. We carry a variety of striping equipment, such as our most popular machine, the GRACO 3400 series, that effectively stripes lots and creates straight lines with ease and consistency.

You may also want to consider upgrading your line striping equipment to a larger machine that provides better stability. Models like the GRACO LineLazer 3900 series feature 2 guns and various layout tools that help with accuracy.

To increase your company's reputation and provide excellent service day in and day out, it is vital to provide quality work every time. We also have plenty of resources like this article on lot maintenance and the equipment needed for line striping that will help make the process easier. Consider our quality selection of sealcoating maintenance equipment and supplies for all your contracting needs!

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