The Essential Tools You Need for Crack Filling

May 27, 2022

The Essential Tools You Need for Crack Filling

Do you run an asphalt maintenance business, and are you looking to provide the best possible service for your clients? If you’re struggling to repair cracks and other damages successfully, you might be using the wrong tools. To stay better educated, check out our helpful guide on the essential tools you need for crack filling.

Wire Brushes, V-Squeegees, and Crack Hoes

Preparation is the most important step for proper crack filling. To ensure successful repairs, you must start with a clean surface. That means thoroughly removing all debris from the asphalt and the cracks themselves. Wire brushes, v-squeegees, and crack hoes help you clear out cracks and move branches, trash, before applying the filler and sealant.


Melters are necessary to melt down the solid form of hot crack filler before application. Simply place the crack filler block in into the basin and let the machine do the rest. Our melters come with a built-in agitator and platform for a propane bottle. They use a 50,000 BTU burner and can melt up to 600 lbs. of sealant per day. Once you’ve properly “heated” your filler, it’s time to start the application process.

Crack Applicator

You need a crack applicator to repair asphalt damages successfully. These devices transport melted crack filler through a valve and onto the damaged surface. You simply push or pull this machine over cracks and squeeze the valve control rod to give them an even fill. If you’re working on a larger project with lots of surface area to cover, consider getting our melter/applicator combination device, which keeps sealant at an appropriate temperature.

Luckily, repairing asphalt is a fairly straightforward undertaking. These essential tools you need for crack filling are all you really require to complete a job successfully. Always ensure you’re working on a clean surface and pay attention to the small details. NAC Supply has all the asphalt crack repair equipment you need to take your asphalt maintenance business to the next level.

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