The Importance of Parking Lot Striping

July 15, 2021

The Importance of Parking Lot Striping

A business’s parking lot is one of the first things customers see. Though it may not seem important in the grand scheme of things, it can greatly impact how customers perceive and interact with your business.

An essential part of every parking lot is the lines. These lines exist to tell customers where to go and to control traffic flow. Without legible striping, your lot can become disorderly and even treacherous. Want to avoid traffic jams, customer complaints, unwanted fines, and lawsuits? Here’s the importance of parking lot striping and why you should have your lot frequently re-striped.

Safety First

Striping helps keep your customers safe by controlling the flow of traffic and delimiting parking spaces and pedestrian walkways. This reduces congestion and decreases the likelihood of an accident by clearly marking where people can and can’t go.

Boost Curb Appeal

Let’s say you have the choice between two virtually identical businesses with their parking lot the only defining characteristic. The first business has a parking lot riddled with damage and has no striping whatsoever. As a result, the lot is congested, people are parking wherever they want, and cars come uncomfortably close to the pedestrian walkways, resulting in several near misses. The second parking lot has been freshly sealed and striped. So, the traffic flow is smooth, and cars park where they should: vehicles and humans intermingle peacefully without incident.

Lot two arguably looks nicer (and safer) than lot one. So, customers are less likely to visit your business if the parking lot looks unsightly or dangerous. Likewise, maintaining the pavement by habitually sealcoating and striping it makes your business more appealing to bystanders.

Protect Your Business

The importance of parking lot striping is obvious when you look at the legal ramifications of not maintaining your parking lot’s lines.

If someone hurts themself in your parking lot, they can find you liable if the striping is non-existent or difficult to make out. Don’t want to be stuck paying a customer’s expensive medical bills? Make sure the striping in your parking lot is legible.

The next reason to regularly re-stripe your lot is to remain in compliance with the American Disabilities Act, which states that all businesses require handicap spots close to an entrance. If your striping fades away and is burdensome to read, non-disabled customers may begin to park in spaces meant for customers with disabilities. This makes it harder for customers with disabilities to shop at your business conveniently and safely. It also makes your business non-compliant with the law. This can result in a barrage of fines and fees.

Are you looking for striping equipment for sale? NAC Supply has the tools you need to maintain your parking lot so you can keep your customers safe and your business’s curb appeal impeccable. Come shop our full line of asphalt maintenance products today!

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