The Tools You Need to Repair Asphalt

June 19, 2020

The Tools You Need to Repair Asphalt

Before you get started on any repairs, you need the right tools for the job. It’s an old adage that still rings true today. You wouldn’t bring a sledgehammer to repair a smartphone, right? Doing asphalt repairs is no different; the right tools will make the job easier and ensure that it’s done right. Working with asphalt—cold or hot—is hard work, and the tools you need to repair asphalt reflect that. Not every job will require each of these tools. These are the basics that will be transferrable to most jobs.

Asphalt Shovels

Despite all the technological advances in the construction world, nothing will replace an old fashioned shovel. It is still consistently needed and used on asphalt jobs all across the country. Round-nosed shovels are used to dig up and spread asphalt in areas that large machines can’t reach.

Pothole Tamper

The pothole tamper is another unsung tool you need to repair asphalt. They are used to tamp down fresh asphalt, compacting it and bringing it down to grade. They can be gas-powered and look like a walk-behind lawnmower. They vibrate quickly and smash down the asphalt to make it hard. There is also the manual tamper that is little more than a pole with a square steel plate on the end that you smash up and down—it’s a lot of work.

Crack and Crevice Cleaners

Before any crack or crevice can be repaired, it needs a thorough cleaning. Any dirt and debris inside the crack will keep the new asphalt from adhering properly and making a good seal. Crack and crevice cleaners will get all that junk out of the way so that the repairs can be done.

Brushes and Squeegees

Brushes and squeegees are used for job site cleanup and for spreading sealer. They are also good for scrubbing stains off the pavement. Rough-edged brushes and squeegees are good for scraping off broken, cracked, and damaged bits of asphalt to repair the damaged area.

Crack Binders and Melters

Professionals asphalt companies will always have crack binders, melters, and hot crack fillers on hand. They use those to fill cracks and repair damaged asphalt. These tools pour fresh mix into the damaged area to fill the holes and cracks carefully and slowly.

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