Tips for Painting Lines on Asphalt

May 13, 2020

Tips for Painting Lines on Asphalt

Putting lines, stripes, and images on an asphalt parking lot takes a keen eye, steady hand, and the right kind of paint. The striping on a parking lot is like a coat of paint on a house, meaning it has both form and function. The paint serves to give the lot some character and personality, but it’s also functional in that it tells people where to leave their cars and where not to. Without the stripes, there would be chaos and anarchy in the lot as people parked their cars anywhere they wanted. There are specialized tools for striping parking lots, and having the right tools can mean the difference between a good job and second-rate one.

Block the Lot

You’ll need to clear the lot and keep it clear. Talk with the property management team and find out when they want the work done and when a good time is to clear the lot. Let them take the lead on this because they will know what time will inconvenience customers or tenants the least. Once the lot is clear, set up cones and caution tape to discourage anyone from parking there.

Lay out the Lines First

Once again, consult with the on-site management so they can tell you where they want lines, what color, and what direction. Guide them with these decisions, remembering that you are the subject matter expert. They don’t know about ADA guidelines that must be followed. While the decision is theirs, there are laws that must be followed as well. After that’s decided, lay out the stripes with chalk lines so your team knows where to apply the paint. Mark everything and give the final OK to the customer to avoid issues later on.

Use Quality Paint and Tools

Parking lots can be lined with a roller and bucket of paint if you are short on funds, but that’s crazy. Doing the job that way will take forever, and the lines won’t be as straight as they should be. There are different kinds of striping machines, big and small. Using new or used sealcoating equipment and striping equipment doesn’t make a huge difference; using the right equipment does. There a lot of paint brands out there too. Talk to the customer about their budget and what they want from the project. Using machines will make sure you deliver a quality job to the customer and keep them calling you for their parking lot needs.

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