Tips for Using a Line-Striping Machine

December 03, 2020

Tips for Using a Line-Striping Machine

Line-striping machines are a simple-to-use piece of equipment. You can operate them inefficiently, leading to a shorter lifespan and productivity, or effectively and efficiently for peak productivity and high-quality results. These tips for using a line-striping machine can help you operate it in a way that’s sure to be safe, simple, and highly effective.

Monitor the Engine and Pump Pressure

If you run your throttle and pressure too high, you’ll place excessive strain on your equipment and waste fuel. By allowing your engine to run at a slow, steady pace, you can reduce the amount of pressure you’re putting on your machinery, save fuel, and, depending on the type of machine you own, get a more even line. Adjust the speed of your engine to the flow rate of the spray tip, so if you’re using a 3-21, you’ll need to run your engine faster than if you were using a 3-17.

Invest in Different Tips

Adjusting your machine’s pressure is one way to vary the amount of paint you apply, but it’s not the most efficient. Swapping out the tip is the quickest, easiest way to change the width of the spray pattern and the amount of paint that flows through it. This technique allows you to maintain optimal operating pressure while regulating the rate of application.

It’s a good idea to have multiple tips on hand, preferably in a wide range of sizes. The first number in the tip’s name indicates the spray pattern’s width, while the second signifies how much paint will flow through. A 4-17 is wider than a 3-17, and a 3-21 produces more paint than a 3-19. When you’re using driven machines, you should consider using a narrow tip. By doing so, you can raise the gun while still achieving the appropriate width, which will help you clear obstructions and make the width of the line appear more uniform on uneven pavement.

Properly Flush and Store Your Machine

Another tip for using a line-striping machine is to flush and store it properly. Improperly flushing and storing your machine can have negative consequences. If you leave water or air in your machine while you’re storing it, you might damage the packing and metal components. Before you store your machine, you should flush it. For contractors that use waterborne paints, flush your machine with clean water and then circulate an antifreeze solution or petroleum-based product, like paint thinner or kerosene, through the system.

Make sure you never store your machine under pressure. To reduce pressure, load the machine with mineral spirits, circulate them around the system under low pressure, shut off the pump, and then open the prime valve. Once you’ve relieved the pressure from your machine, you can close the prime valve and safely store your line-striping machine.

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