What To Expect When Preparing an Asphalt Crack for Filling

January 04, 2023

What To Expect When Preparing an Asphalt Crack for Filling

Asphalt driveways or parking lots add more protection and appeal to a home or business. While asphalt is quite hardy, many of us know it’s not a permanent fix and requires consistent maintenance. Consider that asphalt must withstand different elements like rain, snow, sleet, and wind, which leads to deterioration in the form of cracks. Luckily, these issues are often easy to fix. This is what to expect when preparing an asphalt crack for filling.

Measure the Crack

One of the first things you should do when you notice a crack on your asphalt is to measure it. You want to measure your crack to help you decide the tools you might need. If it’s less than 1” wide, then you should be able to use a crack filler.

On the other hand, if it’s larger than this size, you might have to do a pothole repair. Moreover, don’t forget to measure the depth and length of your crack as well, as this will assist you in determining how much preparation and materials you require.

Clean the Area

One of the most important things to expect when preparing an asphalt crack for filling is that you must clean the area. If your crack is quite small, around ¼” or less, you likely don’t need to prepare much. However, larger cracks will contain loose asphalt or weeds that can deter the effectiveness of your repair if you don’t remove that debris.

Have the Best Materials

An asphalt crack repair can only go as smoothly as the materials and tools you use. That’s why we make sure to provide you with the best assortment of asphalt crack-filling materials on the market. At NAC Supply, we carry everything you need to get your repair done efficiently. We have hot and cold asphalt filling material in various sizes and amounts to fix any crack you have.

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