Why Is It Important To Stripe a Parking Lot?

September 08, 2022

Why Is It Important To Stripe a Parking Lot?

Why Is It Important To Stripe a Parking Lot?

Did you know that the law often enforces proper parking lot striping? Most of these regulations relate to inclusive designs, such as handicap requirements that the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) sets. Even certain fire codes (depending on the state) affect parking lot markings. Setting legal expectations aside, there’s a multitude of reasons that reinforce how important it is to stripe a parking lot.

Traffic Flow

Stripes and ground markings provide vehicles with valuable directions and instructions on how to navigate a particular parking lot. They guide drivers into the lot and efficiently direct them to the proper parking spots. When you have clear stripes, you guarantee a superior traffic flow throughout the parking lot and a more organized placement of parked vehicles. Without stripes, drivers make their own judgments, endangering other cars and causing chaos overall.

Visual Improvement

In psychology, there’s a term called the “halo effect,” where humans assume that any given thing that displays at least one excellent characteristic is of high quality. For instance, restaurants that place masterfully-drawn chalkboard menus in front of their buildings tend to attract more patrons, as they believe the food must be masterful as well.

We can apply the halo effect to parking lots, as this area is the first extension of a business that a prospective customer sees. If they notice a well-maintained, clearly striped parking lot, they will probably assume the business attached is also highly professional. Alternatively, a business that does indeed offer superior services may actually drive customers away if the parking lot is difficult to navigate.

Pedestrian Safety

When it comes to the importance of parking lot striping, protecting the well-being of pedestrians is the top priority. Stripes and markings don’t just guide drivers looking to find a good spot; they direct vehicles away from foot traffic as much as possible to reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring. Safety precautions and accident deterrents are exceedingly necessary, as parking lots are common places where pedestrians suffer vehicle-related injuries.

As you can see, it’s important to stripe a parking lot for multiple reasons. If you need the proper tools for this type of asphalt maintenance, check out our selection of striping equipment for sale here at NAC Supply.

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