Why You Should Seal Your Asphalt Driveway

February 25, 2022

Why You Should Seal Your Asphalt Driveway

Repairing your driveway is definitely not a fun experience. Aside from the costs, the only pathway to your garage is rendered useless for sometimes two or more days. However, general repairs are required every few years, especially after a ruthless winter season. To make this process less regular, here are reasons why you should seal your asphalt driveway.


The most beneficial aspect of sealing asphalt driveways is the increase in longevity. Simply applying sealant every one to three years increases the life span of a driveway by nearly 20 years! This is because sealant helps protect asphalt against the most harmful weather elements: water, ice, heat, and air.

Tiny cracks are common on any asphalt surface, but they grow more significantly with rainfall and ice. As water enters these fractures and eventually freezes, it pushes materials up and can cause catastrophic damages. These ice chunks are called “ice lenses,” but this phenomenon is less likely with a layer of sealant.

Curb Appeal

The housing market is constantly changing, and the only way to guarantee a superior property value for your home is by upkeeping a solid curb appeal. No one wants to buy a house with a damaged driveway that’ll cost a fortune to fix in just a short period.

Since driveways are the most prominent surfaces in a house's front, prospective buyers immediately notice them. Since sealant increases longevity and bolsters the integrity of asphalt, your driveway will remain pristine for listings and showings.


Even if you’re not selling your home anytime soon, you still need a functional driveway. Damaged asphalt isn’t just detrimental to curb appeal; the various cracks and fractures can actually cause damages to your car. These issues include problems with the chassis, tire conditions, suspension, and body.

Plus, the driveway is an excellent place for children to play, whether it’s basketball, learning to ride a bike, or creating art with chalk. A broken asphalt surface limits the amount of play space for the family.

There are plenty of reasons why you should seal your asphalt driveway on a regular basis. NAC Supply Inc. offers quality sealcoating equipment for sale for all your repair needs!

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