Why Your Parking Lot Needs Fire Lane Striping

September 13, 2023

Why Your Parking Lot Needs Fire Lane Striping

Parking lots are difficult to organize but vital for good business. Offering parking will draw in customers and increase the likelihood of more. However, you must do a few things in your parking lot to ensure it stays in good condition. We’ll cover why you need fire lane striping in your parking lot.

Improve Customer Safety

Safety matters the moment your customers drive onto your lot. While fire lanes don’t directly improve safety in parking lots, they designate a place for emergency responders when disaster strikes.

Legal Requirement

Another reason why your lot needs fire lane striping is because it may be legally necessary. Every state in the US has its own laws around fire lanes, and some laws require them in parking lots. Additionally, fire marshals may also decide if your lot needs striping for a fire lane.

Quick Emergency Response

A designated fire lane can improve response times in an emergency. Because fire lanes are near buildings, firefighters can access your business if an emergency strikes. A fire lane will help these trained professionals assist victims and smother flames as soon as possible.

Organize Your Lot

Your parking lot is a part of your business, so do your best when setting it up and taking care of it. Striping is necessary for organization, which is why you need parking lot tools and equipment. Start with the fire lane striping, and build your lot around this section to make sure you provide sufficient space for fire engines and emergency vehicles.

Creating a good parking lot that offers many spaces for patrons can be tricky, especially when you need to accommodate fire lanes. Still, it is necessary. A good-quality parking lot with a distinct fire lane striping can help you keep everyone safe, so establish this space before anything else.

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