Clipper Ship Tack Coat - 5 Gal


Clipper Ship EM-50 Tack Coat - 5 Gal. Pails

Seaboard Asphalt EM-50 is an anionic emulsion that is used for various purposes. These purposed include as a primer, damp proofing, or as a tack coat. EM-50 is manufactured to meet the specifications outlined in AASHTO M208, as well as any state specific requirements.

Storage and Limitations:

  • Optimal storage for EM-50 is in a heated tank equipped with an agitator at a temperature below 160°F.
  • Do not allow EM-50 to freeze.
  • Avoid extreme overheating of EM-50.
  • Avoid using high shear pumps, especially when the emulsion is at ambient temperature.

Application and Coverage:

Depending on the surface being covered, EM-50 can be applied with a brush, squeegee, or spray equipment and provides coverage of 150 square feet per gallon. The maximum temperature allowable for application for EM-50 is 175°F.

Composition and Safety: For complete safety information please review the Safety Data Sheet for this product.   

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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