Hisco Eastern Pattern Asphalt Scoop Shovel Steel


Asphalt Shovel

The asphalt shovel is an essential tool for any construction site, paving project, or road repair job. This heavy-duty, durable shovel is specifically designed to work with asphalt. It features a wide blade that can easily scoop and lift large quantities of hot asphalt, as well as a sturdy handle that provides optimal leverage and control.

With its high-quality construction, the asphalt shovel can withstand even the most rigorous use and harshest conditions. Invest in this reliable tool to make your asphalt work easier, more efficient, and more productive.

Hisco Eastern Pattern Asphalt Scoop Steel, Fiberglass Handle

HIASD Eastern Pattern Asphalt Scoop Steel

Blade: 11" x 15"

Handle: 27"

Grip: Fiberglass D-grip

Weight: 5.25 lbs

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