RazorBack #2 Steel Scoop Shovel -Wood "D" Handle


RazorBack #2 Eastern Pattern Steel Scoop Shovel with Wood Handle and Steel D-Grip

This sturdy steel scoop is great for moving grain, mulch, soil, sand, or even snow. It can also be used for general clean-up, shaping beds, leveling off areas that need to be flat or for scraping debris from hard surfaces. It's built to last and can be used on even the toughest jobs!


45″ overall height × 11.125″ blade width × 15" blade Length


  • 30" North American Hardwood Handle
  • Eastern Pattern Blade - hollow-back, plain blade
  • Steel blade size # 2 for durability and long life
  • Steel D-Grip encases the wood and prevents twisting

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