What To Expect When Sealcoating Asphalt Driveways

August 29, 2022

What To Expect When Sealcoating Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt driveway sealcoating is a common process for maintaining the structural integrity of residential driveways. To ensure your clients are always satisfied with your services, here are some things to expect when diving into a sealcoating project.

Repair Before Sealing

It’s absolutely essential that you clean and repair any significant damages to the asphalt driveway before applying sealcoating products. We recommend using a cleaning process to remove debris from cracks, potholes, and fractures. Use a crack filling machine to expedite the filling process—make sure all filled cracks are uniform with the surface. Alternatively, you can use a patching method if the damages are located in smaller, more specific areas. Once you have cleaned, patched, and filled the driveway, you’re ready to start sealcoating.

Don’t Forget To Mix

Before you start applying your sealcoat to an asphalt driveway, make sure you give the sealer a thorough mix. Mixing sealer before application allows the liquid and solid components to combine properly. Ultimately, this reduces the likelihood of uneven looking surfaces. If the water is not fully incorporated into the sealer, certain areas will wear quicker, so make sure your sealcoat is perfectly mixed before use.

Adhere to the Drying Timeline

Sealcoating projects are typically quick, but the drying process will take time. It’s important to let homeowners know that their driveway will require at least 24 hours to completely dry. After 24 hours, you should be able to drive over the sealed surface. A few factors that can extend drying time are heavily shaded areas, high humidity, and cooler temperatures. The drying process is accelerated during periods of warmer temperatures and high sun exposure.

Understanding what to expect when sealcoating a client’s asphalt driveway can better prepare you for potential troubleshooting, boost your efficiency, and, most importantly, improve the final results. Check out our selection of asphalt sealcoating equipment for all your asphalt maintenance needs.

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