Polyprime – Penetrating Pavement Primer - 5 Gal


Polyprime – Penetrating Pavement Primer - 5 Gal

Polyprime is a multi-polymer penetrating primer in concentrated form. This product rejuvenates oxidized pavement surfaces and improves adhesion of pavement sealer.

  • Maximum Adhesion: Optimizes adhesion of pavement sealer to oxidized asphalt pavements, which creates a stronger surface and allows the pavement sealer to adhere properly.
  • Maximum Penetration: Formulated with sub-micron particle sized polymers to insure deep penetration into oxidized surfaces.
  • Enhanced Sealer Spreadability: Polyprime prevents rapid dehydration of sealer, enhancing spreadability.
  • Specialty Applications: Greatly improves adhesion to oily filmed pavements, polished aggregate surfaces, and fine mix asphalt pavements.
  • Non-flammable: Polyprime is a water-based material, easy to use and easy to apply with conventional sealcoating equipment.
  • Rapid Drying: Polyprime dries quickly; does not delay sealcoating.

Polyprime Technical Data Sheet

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