Keson MP 401 Measuring Wheel


Keson MP401 Measuring Wheel

Simplicity and durability were the two principles that guided this design. The result is a wheel that rolls easily over the most difficult terrain and can stand up to constant, heavy use. Whether you're rolling it down an asphalt road or using it for extreme environment estimations the MP401 gets the measurements right.

Innovative design - Simple, centerline functionality.
  • Great balance. Rugged 3/4-inch tubing - Tough enough to handle any terrain.
  • Barrel clamp - Locks the handle upright, releases in a second for storage.
  • Durable 3/8-inch rubber on the wheel - Preserves the integrity of the wheel's shape over time.
  • Time-tested and proven counters - Large counters make for easy reading.
  • 5 digit counter measures almost 2 miles without resetting.
  • Superior counter protection and placement - The scraper and metal shelf keep dirt and debris from coming into contact with the critical counter.
  • Instant reset button.
  • 33 inch telescoping handle with kick-stand Compact fold-down - Easily folds to half it's size for storage and portability.
  • Measures straight or curvilinear surfaces.
  • Barrel clamp and handle clasp make storage a snap.
  • Sealed bearing on the wheel - Dirt, grit and debris stays out. Ideal for outdoor use.

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